Monday, 1 August 2011

August Layouts

These are my layouts for the month of August that will be displayed in Shabby Chic in The Mall, Gadong.

This pictures was taken in Shabby Chic during the last school holidays.  The kids walked in twos, hand in hand in a row, they are so good and they had a blast creating knock knock mini album at just B$15-

These boys were fooling around just waiting for midnight during Chinese New Year 2009in Miri, so they can enjoy the fantastic fireworks.

Amy has a phase when she was 2 years of age with Spiderman.. She just loves wearing this costum and showing off to her brothers.  I personally think that she loves it because she just wants to be in the in group with her twin brothers.

Joshua, can you believe is the noisy one amoug the cousins but is so full of mysteries.  I wish and pray that he could just walk and talk to his cousins and to just tell us what he needs!

These are my sisters,  we have our differences.  It may not be as sweet all the time but we are always full of love.

Daryl had his bachelor party in Labuan for the weekend and my dear hubby of mine came home not even remembering what happen that weekend!

To love someone so much and to see the reflection of his love back is a gift that God has bestow on us both.

Micheal and Daniel love getting their hands dirty and everytime we get to Fartini's Pizza place for dinner, we need'nt order cause they'll be the ones baking.


Scrapper Maya said...

Hi Hilda!! *wave, wave*

Welcome to the blog world ;) I especially love your Reflection Of Love layout~ If I could I will take it from the Shabby display & put my picture on it instead of yours LOL!

dina shariff said...

Inspired by your lovely creation :-), cant wait to see more of it!!


^So Lovely^ said...

Thkq so much babes, hope we will have an opportunity yo crop together!

{ Yu'er } said...

Hi, dear Hilda, this is lovely! Glad to see your blog running and wish for more!!!

{ Yu'er } said...

Hi, lovely layouts! I'm glad to see the blog and wish for more!